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Aleksandr is a professional performer with over 16 years of experience. He is always enhancing his theatrical, psychological and sleight of hand skills that have assisted him in numerous wins in magic competitions around the world. One of his most prestigious awards has been the Medal of Merlin. The Merlin Award is given to magicians in recognition of their contributions to the performance and creation of magic around the world.

          The amount of time, energy, and effort he has invested in his creative edification paid off when he landed engagements in different TV shows, theaters, and live shows. Now you can hire the only Exclusive Mystery Producer to create astonishing wonders that will give everybody something to speak about, that is until your next event!


For a good deal of his career, he was known as a magician but now he has become Aleksandr the Exclusive Mystery Producer. Why the change in the name? Let us start from the beginning.


When he was 16 years old Aleksandr seen a street magician levitating an object in the mid-air, after that he realized that he wanted to gain the same ability he seen this street performer use to baffle and amaze people. He knew he needed to discover more. His mind progressed deeper and deeper into the art of magic. Soon he began to travel around the world to gain new life experience and knowledge.

For years he worked as an assistant for various prominent illusionists in countless parts of the world where he gained priceless experience. He was incredibly fortunate to participate in big projects such as: TV series productions, live concerts, and live shows. During that time, he gained tremendous experience in mixed style and unusual thinking.

He continues to mystify people in places all over the world with audiences in such countries as, Egypt, Turkey, Poland, England, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Belarus, Cyprus, and UAE.

Living in India for 3 months he found a way to get in the sacred mountains to speak with several yogis (a person who is proficient in yoga.)
**If you want to see this video feel free to message him, he will share the link with you**

At present, the locality of his performances are constantly expanding. He will continue to mystify and amaze people with his unique gifts!

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- Over 3 million views on YouTube

- Winner of the Medal of Merlin

- Semi-finalist in the Moscow TV show “Vsjo krome obychnogo”

- Headliner performer of the Live concert show "In or Out"

-Winner of the Moscow television award Trick in the category of “Trickster of

the year.”

- First place in the Ukrainian Magic Convention in the category of “Mental


- First place in the World Festival of Magic in the category of “Mentalism".

- Contributor in the OlyBet Magic Mania in the genre of stage magic.

- Participant of the International Forum of Illusionists in the category of stage


- Participant in the genre of close-up magic in the International Forum of Illusionists.

- Participant of numerous TV and radio programs all throughout Europe.

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