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Are you fed up with doing the same old gender reveal and baby shower? Just imagine how amazed your guests would be at your mystical baby shower or gender reveal. Do not just have the same old balloon popping or popping canister filled with blue or pink. Instead, have Aleksandr the Exclusive Mystery Producer astonish and amaze your guest with his spectacular illusions. Working with Aleksandr you can plan the most amazing baby shower or gender reveal ever, call or message us today to get started.


The Rising Trend of Gener Reveal Parties


Gender reveal parties have gained immense popularity over the years. It's not just about announcing whether it's a boy or a girl anymore; it's about celebrating the miracle of life with loved ones.

And what better way to elevate this celebration than with magic?

Why Add Magic to Your Gender Reveal? 


Imagine a balloon, floating mid-air, suddenly bursting into blue or pink smoke, revealing the gender, all orchestrated by a magician.

Or think of a box, seemingly ordinary, opened by the parents-to-be to release a magical creature representing the gender. These are not just party tricks; they're memories crafted by magicians and illusionists. Doesn't that sound like a dream?

The Allure of Dubai and Cyprus for Celebrations 


Dubai and Cyprus, both renowned for their luxury and opulence, offer the perfect backdrop for such majestic celebrations.

Think of the sandy beaches of Cyprus or the towering skyscrapers of Dubai as witnesses to your magical moment. Can there be anything more enchanting?

Finding the Right Magician and Illusionist 

Not all magicians are cut from the same cloth. While some specialize in children's parties, others, like the ones we're discussing, specialize in grand reveals.


Here's what to look for:
Experience: Ensure they've done gender reveals before.
Portfolio: Check out their previous events to gauge their style.
Flexibility: Can they customize according to your theme and desires?

Costs and Considerations 


Hiring a magician in places like Dubai and Cyprus might be on the pricier side, but the experience is priceless.

Ensure you discuss all costs upfront and check if there are any additional charges.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How early should I book a magician for my gender reveal party?
A: It's recommended to book at least a month in advance to ensure availability and
preparation time.
Q: Can the magician customize tricks according to my theme?
A: Most professional magicians and illusionists offer customization. Discuss your
requirements with them.
Q: Is it safe for children to be around during the illusions?
A: While most tricks are safe, always discuss any concerns with the magician beforehand.
Q: What if the gender reveal doesn't go as planned?
A: Professional magicians always have a backup plan. Communicate your concerns and ensure there's a plan B in place.
Q: Are there any hidden costs when hiring a magician?
A: Always discuss all costs upfront and ensure there are no additional or hidden charges

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